A Massively Scalable Persistent Content Distribution System

J. Peltotalo, S. Peltotalo, A. Jantunen, L. Väätämöinen, J. Harju, R. Lehtonen, and R. Walsh (Finland)


Multicast, Peer-to-Peer, Peercasting, Mass media


This paper proposes a novel form of peercasting system as an improved solution for IP-based mass media content de livery. Several approaches are discussed, some of which are already widely deployed, or undergoing such deploy ment, as homogeneous systems. In particular, IP multi cast and Peer-to-Peer (P2P) overlay network techniques are described in isolation - as they form the bedrock of the new peercasting system proposal. This proposal aims to improve existing homogenous and heterogeneous systems for mass media distribution to very large user bases, with needs for timely and reliable delivery, and content persis tence. Thus IP multicast has great advantages for deliv ery with controlled last-mile elements, both for mobile and fixed usage. However, persistence while the number of still-receiving users dwindle, and reliability at reasonable network cost, are better served by P2P techniques. The work primarily considers discrete media delivery, which is useful both alongside with streaming media and in stan dalone applications. The feasibility of such a combined multicast and P2P system is shown and the working proto type implementation of this proposal, Delco, is introduced.

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