On the Performance of MF-TDMA Multi-Carrier Demultiplexer/Demodulators (MCDs) under Five Critical Degrading Factors

J. Kim and J. Li (USA)


MCD (Multi-Carrier Demultiplexer/de-modulator), M MCDD (Multistage Multicarrier De multiplexer/Demodulator), PPF (Poly-Phase FFT), Frequency offset, Phase offset, Quantization Error.


Performance of two MCD (multi-carrier demultiplexer/demodulator) architectures (M-MCDD and PPF) for the on-board processing (OBP) satellite are analytically modeled and numerically evaluated in the presence of five critical degrading factors: narrow-band AWGN, carrier frequency offset/phase offset, ISI and quantization error. Cumulative effects of these factors on two different MCD structures are also assessed for comparison and tradeoff assuming MF-TDMA signal using QPSK. Results show that both MCDs are commonly vulnerable to most degrading factors. When all five degrading factors are considered, PPF method exhibits better BER performance than M-MCDD, especially when carrier phase offset is significant.

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