Efficient Channel Estimation for OFDM Modulations with Transmit Diversity

R. Dinis, A. Kumar, N. Souto, and J. Silva (Portugal)


OFDM modulations, transmit diversity, channel estima tion, implicit pilots, iterative receivers.


This paper considers the use of implicit pilots for channel estimation in OFDM schemes (Orthogonal Frequency Di vision Multiplexing) with transmit diversity. To cope with the interference levels between data and pilots, we propose an iterative receiver with joint detection and channel esti mation. For the first iteration, the channels are estimated by averaging the received signal over several blocks; for the remaining iterations, enhanced channel estimates are ob tained by considering the data symbols as extra pilots. Our performance results show that this technique allows the use of low-power pilots, with performances close to the ones with perfect channel estimation.

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