A Cross-Platform Solution for Bibliographic Record Manipulation in Digital Libraries

W. Osborn, D. Kaur, K. Crewdson, and I. Dew (Canada)


digital libraries, bibliography, MARC, Greenstone, SAIR


We investigate the problem of a collaborative digital library collection that allows librarians and non-librarians alike to share information on specific topics through MARC records. Many existing software tools for creating bibli ographic records are not platform independent. Tools that are platform independent are integrated into library soft ware and therefore cannot be used with any existing sys tem. J-MARC is a cross-platform tool for creating and editing bibliographic records. J-MARC can be used in conjunction with any digital library software that supports the MARC record format. We present the architecture and functionality of J-MARC, along with an example applica tion where J-MARC can be used alongside an existing dig ital library software package.

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