Using a Cache Scheme to Detect Selfish Nodes in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

H. Lin, J.G. Delgado-Frias, and S. Medidi (USA)


Network Management, Wireless networks, hardware detection, Mobile ad hoc networks, and packet dropping


This paper presents a hardware based cache scheme to detect selfish nodes in mobile ad hoc network. In this scheme, the hardware monitors the activities of the upper layer software and reports the misbehavior about the software to other mobile nodes in the network. The hardware cache stores the identity information of recently received packets. The detection mechanism uses the cache to tell the difference between original packet and duplicate packet. The simulation results show that the cache scheme can detect nearly 100% selfish nodes with nearly 0% false positive in the simple dropping scenario. In the selective dropping scenario, the detection has nearly 0% false positive and reasonable detection rate. The detection result could be used by other nodes to protect the network.

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