A Novel Unambiguous BOC Signal Synchronization Scheme for Global Navigation Satellite Systems

S. Kim, D. Chong, Y.-B. Joung, S. Ahn, Y. Lee, S.Y. Kim, and S. Yoon (Korea)


BOC, side-peak, correlation function, synchronization, GNSS


Binary offset carrier (BOC) signal synchronization is one of the most important steps to recover the transmitted in formation in global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) in cluding Galileo and global positioning system (GPS). Gen erally, BOC signal synchronization is based on the correla tion between the received and locally generated BOC sig nals. Thus, the multiple side-peaks in BOC autocorrelation are one of the main error sources in synchronizing BOC signals. Recently, a novel correlation function with reduced side-peaks was proposed for BOC signal synchronization by Julien [8]; however, Julien's correlation function not only still has the side-peaks, but also is only applicable to sine phased BOC(n, n), where n is the ratio of the pseudo random noise (PRN) code rate to 1.023 MHz. In this pa per, we propose a new correlation function for BOC signal synchronization, which does not have any side-peaks and is applicable to general types of BOC signals, sine/cosine phased BOC(kn, n), where k is the ratio of a PRN chip du ration to the period of a square wave sub-carrier used in BOC modulation. In addition, an efficient correlator struc ture is presented for generating the proposed correlation function.

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