Green Supplier Selection Using Fuzzy-Extended Analytic Hierarchy Process

C.-F. Hsu, H.-Y. Kang, A.H.-I. Lee, and H.-C. Hung (Taiwan)


Analytic hierarchy process, environment, fuzzy set theory, FEAHP, green supplier


With worldwide growing awareness of environmental protection, green production is becoming more and more important for manufacturing companies and will determine the sustainability of a company in the long term. A performance evaluation system for green suppliers is necessary to determine the suitability of suppliers to cooperate with the firm. While the research on the evaluation and/or selection of suppliers is abundant, the research that concerns environmental issues is very limited. Therefore, in this study, a model for evaluating green suppliers is proposed. A method similar to the Delphi method is first applied to obtain the criteria and sub-criteria for evaluating green suppliers. A hierarchy for evaluating green suppliers is constructed next by incorporating the selected criteria and sub-criteria. Based on the hierarchy, questionnaires are prepared, and managers of an anonymous TFT-LCD manufacturer are asked to fill out the questionnaires. Based on fuzzy extended analytic hierarchy process (FEAHP), the results of the questionnaires are analyzed, and a ranking of green suppliers can be obtained. With the proposed model, manufacturers can evaluate the green suppliers and select the most suitable green supplier for cooperation.

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