Cooperation of LED Control Chips in Ubiquitous Environment

S. Hosomi, M. Tsukamoto, and S. Nishio (Japan)


Applications, Wireless Communication Circuits and System, Ubiquitous Computing,


In this paper, we propose a programming method for controlling multiple LEDs to create art works or wearable fashion. In conventional systems, a programmer must repeat try and error to check the total appearance, and he/she must rewrite the source code and the binary code stored in each device in each trial, which forces him/her a lot of burden. Our proposing method introduces the notion of incremental programming, which enables a programmer to describe just the difference from the previous trial. In this paper, incremental programming is applied in two stages; on a PC and on a device. The former enables the programmer to express his/her intension in an intuitive manner, and the latter makes the update fast. We show our experimental results of using the implemented system.

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