A High Performance Balanced Frequency Quadrupler in mHEMT Technology for Radar Application

M. Abbasi and J. Johansson (Sweden)


Balanced, multiplier, conversion gain, suppression ratio.


A balanced 2.5 to 10 GHz frequency quadrupler with a conversion gain of 8 dB has been designed and simulated in a commercial 0.15µm GaAs mHEMT process from WIN foundry in Taiwan. The quadrupler is to supply two 5 dBm pump signals for the receiver and transmitter mixers of a radar system, for which case a Wilkinson power divider is included in the design. Unique performance results have been achieved considering the magnitude of the wanted frequency component and the suppression of the unwanted harmonics as well as the chip area. The achieved output power of the fourth frequency component is 5.18 dBm at each of the two outputs and the magnitude of the highest unwanted harmonic is -44 dBm. The dimensions of the total chip are 2700 µm x 1850 µm.

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