Assertion-based Performance Analysis for OCP Systems

K. Tong and J. Bian (PRC)


Open Core Protocol, Transaction Level Models, Transac tion Level Assertion, performance


The Open Core Protocol (OCP) allows exploring several SoC design architectures to get the final product with better performance, but how to measure the performance is still a problem. In this paper, an assertion-based approach for system-level performance analysis is presented and applied to the single-channel OCP system described with SystemC Transaction Level Models (TLM). In the analysis approach, performance primitives such as data rate and transaction latency are described using the Transaction Level Asser tion (TLA), volume of transactions are produced randomly via a generator according to certain probability distribution functions, and performance evaluation results with differ ent OCP configurations are discussed. Our approach is il lustrated on a generic Master/Slave architecture from the OCP distribution. The experiment results show that the assertion-based approach can help a designer get the de sired configurations with optimal performance in a large design space.

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