Hybrid Commissioning - From Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation to Real Production Plants

S. Dominka, F. Schiller, and S. Kain (Germany)


Hybrid Commissioning, Virtual Commissioning, Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation, Programmable Logic Controller, production plants, industrial automation


Commissioning is a critical process in the lifecycle of production plants. Above all the commissioning of the electrical system and the control technology is often very complex. Reasons for it are software errors in the controller. One possibility to disclose and to remove these errors already in the early stages of the development is Hardware-in-the-Loop simulation (shortly: HiL). Because of model inaccuracies between model and specification as well as between model and real plant, it is unlikely to find all errors in the controller software solely with HiL simulation. But even one failure in the controller may cause critical machine states and damaging parts of the production plant. Thus in this paper a new approach for improving the commissioning of production plants is described. This approach, called Hybrid Commissioning, is an incremental procedure for commissioning, which begins with a HiL simulation, goes on with a mixture between reality and simulation and ends up with the commissioning of the real production plant.

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