A Novel Design of Compact Half U-Slot Microstrip Antenna for Wireless Local Area Network Applications

S.B. Deosarkar and A.A. Ghatol (India)


Microstrip Antenna (MSA), Half USlot, Bandwidth enhancement, Compact MSA


Microstrip Antennas (MSAs) consist of a metallic radiating patch on one side of thin dielectric substrate and other side is ground plane. Most important advantages of MSAs are low profile, light weight and have compatibility with integrated circuit technology[1,3,4]. MSAs can be designed for dual band operations with circular or linear polarization. MSAs are used in mobile communication, satellite communication, radar, direct broadcasting, global positioning systems and remote sensing. The major limitations of microstrip antennas are their narrow impedance bandwidth, small gain and low power handling capability. In this paper, we present, a full U-slot and half U slot MSAs (2.1 to 2.5 GHz and 2.317 to 3.005 GHz respectively) with shorting wall used between non radiating edge of MSAs and ground plane. The behavior of full and half structure is similar with slight change in center frequency. The feed is optimized to get the maximum bandwidth. We found that feed at the center of patch provides maximum impedance bandwidth. We have also studied the effects of substrate thickness, length, width and dielectric constant on the performance of the MSA.

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