Proposed Wireless System Technique using a Free Propagation Model for Measurement of Signal Level Contents in a Real Wireless System

M.A. Betini Pereira, H. Tertuliano Filho, C.A. Dartora, H. Silva Mattos, and A.Y. Igarashi (Brazil)


Mobile radiochannel, propagation model, signal radio mobile attenuation.


This paper describes the study of mobile radio signal attenuation due the environment effects in a central and urban building-up area in Curitiba, a Brazilian city with more than two millions inhabitants. It is proposed here the use of a free propagation model. This proposed model differently from the usual used models (COST 231, Lee, Okumura-Hata and so on), is adjustable and don’t work with diffraction, allowing predictions without adjustments in order to obtain the ideal signal level. The obtained results are compared with the collected drive test real signal. The real life data used here were provided by a major mobile operator of the above mentioned city. Finally, the considerations about the morphology and topography, the real images of the downtown and all technical parameters of the used radio-base channel BTS CTRF01A are presented, explained and justified in this study.

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