New Concepts for Through the Wall Radar using Multiple UWB Antennas

P. Millot, N. Maaref, G. Autret, C. Pichot, J.-Y. Dauvignac, and O. Picon (France)


Radar, Throughthewall, Detection, SAR, Trilateration.


In this paper, we present a study of short range radar for through-the-wall (TTW) detection and tracking of human beings. New concepts envisaged here are based on an Ultra Wide Band (UWB) waveform and on the use of numerous separated antennas. First the choice of the frequency bandwidth for the ideal radar system is discussed. Then a new experimental set-up recently made in our laboratory is presented. This system uses UWB oscillators (VCO) in ultra-fast sweep frequency mode that are able to cover the 500 MHz 8 GHz bandwidth. A simple UWB homodyne set-up is also proposed with three receiving channels and new performing UWB antennas. This system is now able to detect human motion and locate it by trilateration. A full wave 2D simulator using the FDTD method has also been performed in order to deliver synthetic data for studying signal processing algorithms (coherent and incoherent). These algorithms, although well known in some other contexts, are here applied to UWB TTW imaging and detection and some quasi real time formulations are proposed. Results are presented on a test configuration computed by the simulator.

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