The Design and Implementation of Hierarchical Evacuation Alarm System

K.-A. Hwang and Y.-C. Tsai (Taiwan)


Advanced fire detection, sensor network, emergency navigation guidance and hierarchical evacuation


In Taiwan, According to the National Fire Agency, Ministry of the Interior, R.O.C, 6,611 fire accidents occurred in 2004 for which the death toll was 160 and the total cost was NTD$2,085,924,000. An early fire detection system and an effective guidance system for fire evacuation can reduce fire casualties greatly. The purpose of this paper is to develop a system of early fire detection and evacuation navigation. The Science and Engineering Building at the Chaoyang University of Technology is used as the test building. We implement a fast and accurate system of early fire detection using a wireless sensor network as well as temperature alarms and smoke alarms. With an algorithm that involves temperature differences and information reported by individual sensors, this system can determine the optimal evacuation path in a very short period.

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