Introducing Modified Degree 4 Chordal Rings with Two Chord Lengths

B. Dubalski, S. Bujnowski, A. Zabludowski (Poland), and J.M. Pedersen (Denmark)


Fiber Optic Communication, Interconnection Topologies, Computer Networks, Graph Theory.


In this paper an analysis of modified degree 4 Chordal Rings with two chord lengths named CHRm is presented and compared to similar topologies: Chordal Rings, N2R and modified N2R. Formulas for approximating diame ters and average path lengths are provided and verified, and it is shown that the distances in CHRm are significantly smaller than in traditional Chordal Rings and N2R, and also smaller than modified N2R for topologies with up to 1500 nodes. Despite the proposed CHRm being of degree 4, and the modified N2R of degree 3, CHRm may be bet ter suited for the optical level of fiber rings, due to its easy mapping onto the ring. It seems to be superior also to the traditional Chordal Rings, but it is not node symmetric.

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