A Scalable Barrel Shifter Topology for all Optical Networks

N. Chaki and R. Chaki (India)


Scalability, Routing, Barrel Shifter, Hopping distance, All-optical network


Logical or virtual topology design problem in optical networking has emerged as a potential area of research due to its immense capability of reconfiguring the physical topology of the network to some optimal one satisfying the constraints imposed from various dimensions. This work is aimed towards designing an optimal logical topology for optical networks. The authors propose a regular, logical topology named Scalable Barrel Shifter network (SBS-net) to be used over an all-optical network using WDM. The major emphasis of the present work is to improve upon the scalability issue. The SBS-net connects any arbitrary numbers of nodes as opposed to standard regular topologies like the regular Barrel Shifter, de Bruijn graph, Shuffle-net and many others. The average hopping distance between two nodes using SBS-net topology is also found to be smaller compared to that in other logical interconnection networks.

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