Performance Analysis of SigComp for 3G Cellular Networks

W. Han, K.-j. Lee, H.-h. Park, K.-g. Lee, and J. Jang (Korea)


Wireless Networks Standards and Protocols, SigComp (Signaling Compression), 3G wireless networks, SIP (Session Initiation Protocol)


This paper demonstrates the performance of signaling compression (SigComp) used in 3G cellular IP Multimedia Subsystems (IMS). To analyze the performance of SigComp for 3G cellular networks, the measurements are performed for different SIP sessions including typical 3GPP scenarios. In this paper, the achievable gain of SigComp is demonstrated through performance results. It is estimated that the one-way RAN delay over the cellular network can be reduced by approximately 75% compared with using uncompressed SIP messages. Also, the size of message related to the performance can be decreased by 86%. Our results show that SigComp is mandatory to maximize the transport efficiency for SIP messages over the radio interface.

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