N2R vs. DR Network Infrastructure Evaluation: A Case Study from North Jutland

L.J. Roost, P.N. Toft, and J.M. Pedersen (Denmark)


SQoS, Double ring, N2R, Network infrastructures and re liability.


Recent development of Internet-based services has set higher requirements to network infrastructures in terms of more bandwidth, lower delays and more reliability. The oretical research within the area of Structural Quality of Service (SQoS) has introduced a new type of infrastructure which meet these requirements: N2R infrastructures. This paper contributes to the ongoing research with a case study from North Jutland. An evaluation of three N2R infras tructures compared to a Double Ring (DR) infrastructure will provide valuable information of the practical applica bility of N2R infrastructures. In order to study if N2R infrastructures perform better than the DR infrastructure, a distribution network was es tablished based on geographical information system (GIS) data. Nodes were placed with respect to demographic and geographical factors. The established distribution network was investigated with respect to different network evalua tion parameters. This paper concludes that it is indeed possible to apply pre vious theoretical research of N2R infrastructures in prac tise, entailing advantages with respect to lower delays, less traffic load and more reliable networks.

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