Reaching Reliable Agreement on Wireless Mobile Network

K.-Q. Yan and S.-C. Wang (Taiwan)


Byzantine Agreement; mobile network; fault tolerant


Due to the technology of network has been grown up at an astounding speed. The topology of networks is trending to wireless. There are many properties of the wireless mobile network and they are different from the wired network. However, the mobile technology has brought about more conveniences. Comparative, it is more dangerous in this environment. For instance, processors have mobility and the illegal processors can intrude this network easily and proceed to any illegitimate behaviour. Thus, the wireless mobile network is hardly to handle and make sure of the security. It will also decrease the capability of fault tolerance in the system. There are a lot of researches and achievements about Byzantine Agreement for increasing the capability of fault tolerance in the wired network. It is worth noting that solving the BA problem in the wireless mobile network. In this paper, BA problem is re-examined under the wireless mobile network with the unreliable and unsafe environment. A simple, secure, and efficient protocol RAP is proposed. This protocol use only two rounds of message exchange to achieve an agreement and can tolerate maximum number of allowable faulty transmission media. It will also ensure the messages’ security and increase the capability of fault tolerance of the system.

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