Error Rate Performance of MC DS-CDMA System with Multiple Receive Antennas in Nakagami-m Fading Channel

A.-A. Hashem, S. Elnoubi, and H. Elmikati (Egypt)


Multicarrier DS-CDMA, RAKE, Multiple receive antennas


This paper studies the error rate performance of Multi carrier direct sequence code division multiple access (MC DS-CDMA) system in conjunction with maximum ratio combining (MRC) over Nakagami-m multipath fading channel. Multiple receive antenna structure is employed at the receiver side to provide spatial diversity in addition to the frequency diversity offered by the MC system. A closed form one-fold integration, which could be solved numerically without the need for simulations, is derived for BER performance of the system. Furthermore, numerical analysis is conducted for different MC systems over different Nakagami–m channels. In addition, tradeoff analysis is provided among different types of diversities: space, frequency and path diversities.

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