Performance Comparison of Probabilistic and Closed Loop Fast Rate Control in Wireless Cellular Data Networks

W. Teerapabkajorndet (Thailand)


Rate control, CDMA2000-1x-EV-DO, rise over thermal, ROT, and cell breathing


Probabilistic rate control has been employing in the evolving cellular data networks such as 1x-EV-DO systems. This existing scheme can not maintain the ratio of interference to thermal noise or rise over thermal (ROT) near the threshold level. Further, the ROT level keeps increasing when the number of mobile stations is getting higher. This uncontrollable increment of ROT can cause the serious problem to the cellular systems by reducing the cell service area. This is a common problem in CDMA called cell breathing. Consequently, this paper proposes a new rate control scheme called closed loop rate control to solve this problem. This proposed scheme is very simple for implementation and also outperforms the probabilistic rate control in the aspect of the average assigned rates to all mobile stations.

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