A Discovery Method for Node-Disjoint Multi-Paths by Valid Source-Destination Edges

S.H. Jung, E. Talipov, M.W. Ahn, and C. Kim (Korea)


Ad Hoc Networks, Node-disjoint, Multi-paths, All available paths, NS-2 Simulation


In ad hoc networks most on demand routing protocols concentrate on the single path from a source to a destination. Exhaustively using a single path increases traffic load and faster consumes energy of nodes on the path. Therefore, preventing concentration on a single path and distribution of energy and traffic load on whole network is an important issue on ad hoc networks. Some multipath searching methods have been studied, but finding all available paths from a source to a destination is still a challenging issue. In this study, we provide an efficient and a straightforward node-disjoint multi-path discovery algorithm for searching all available paths. The discovery method is provided based on AODV. We implement simulation models for analyzing efficiency of proposed multi-path discovery method on the NS-2. Simulation results show that the proposed methods can get very good results on multi-path discovery rate.

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