Path Selection Strategies for Multipath Ad Hoc Network

S. Lertvorratham and P. Hiranvanichchakorn (Thailand)


Multipath ad hoc network, Path measurement, Multipath routing protocol, Path throughput


Though there have been studies of on-demand multipath ad hoc network routing for recent years, few of them concern with the effectiveness of result path set. This paper introduces a scheme of path measurement and on-demand multipath ad hoc network routing protocol called Predicted Multipath Routing Protocol (PMP). We proposed two criteria of path measurement. The first criterion is the Degree of Availability (DA) that is derived from predicted signal strength. The second criterion is the Estimated Path Throughput Value (ETV) that relies on the packet loss ratio of each link. Working with PMP, nodes in the network are able to build a set of robust and high performance paths so that they can use the best performance path as a primary path and the others as backup paths.

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