The Study of Transmission Performances for Integrated TFRC and ARQ over WLANs

C.-C. Lee, P.-C. Chang, and Y.-A. Tsai (Taiwan)


ARQ, TCP Friendly rate control, WLAN.


With technology advances in current wireless network and broadband Internet, multimedia communications over wireless network are dramatically boosted. During the delivery process, a robust transmission rate control scheme plays the key role to the received picture quality. However, a wireless network with many non-congestion losses may bring huge performance reduction to convenient TFRC rate control mechanisms. This paper first proposes a Loss Differentiation Algorithm (LDA) for TFRC in WLAN environment. LDA can effectively avoid treating wireless bit errors as congestive leading to unnecessary rate reduction and poor delivery performance. Moreover, this study further evaluates influences of Automatic Repeat Request (ARQ) operations to the performance of TFRC. Simulation results show that, the received data rate of WLAN using LDA is obviously higher than that without LDA. Moreover, when the ARQ is activated, this work finds that the congestion loss rate and delay time of video packets can be effectively reduced if the TFRC mechanism properly includes the packet loss due to wireless bit error in the determination of available network bandwidth.

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