Connectivity Performance for CDMA-based Wireless Sensor Networks with Variations of Deployment

Y.-F. Huang, C.-C. Tsai, and Y.-M. Tseng (Taiwan)


Wireless sensor networks, CDMA, network connectivity, network topology, and variation of deployment.


In this paper, we investigate connectivity probability of CDMA-based wireless sensor networks with variations of nodes deployment. The variatio ns of deployment are model by 2D Gaussian distribution with zero-mean for the triangle, grid and hexagon topologies. Thus, the k-connectivity performance is studied through the outage probability of CDMA signal links. Simulation results show that with a minimum requirements SIR0=-10.7dB, the three topologies can perform 3-connectivity for small variation σN ≤ 0.07. Furthermore, with SIR0=-12dB, 3-connectivity performance can be achieved with variation range by 0.08, 0.083 and 0.085 for the triangle, grid and hexagon topologies, respectively.

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