Interference and Backbone Sensor Network

M. Tun, L. Gewali, and H. Selvaraj (USA)


sensor network, battery power conservation, interference


Conservation of battery power is one of the most critical issues in sensor network research. When thousands of sensor nodes are deployed for environmental monitoring or similar applications, it is not feasible to replace the battery attached to the nodes. For this reason, algorithms used in sensor network must be designed so that the nodes consume as little power as possible. In this paper, battery power consumption issue is addressed from the perspective of interference. It has been established that a sensor network with reduced interference property tend to draw smaller amount of battery power. We propose a technique of extracting backbone network from a given topological network so that the extracted network is connected and possesses reduced interference property. We develop a centralized algorithm for extracting the backbone network and describe an approach for converting the algorithm into a distributed version. Finally, we present an experimental investigation of the proposed technique.

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