Graphical Passwords: Drawing a Secret with Rotation as a New Degree of Freedom

S. Chakrabarti, G.V. Landon, and M. Singhal (USA)


Authentication, graphical passwords, recall-based pass words, DAS, graphical password space.


Psychological studies have shown a substantial improve ment of performance in remembering (recalling and rec ognizing) pictorial representations of materials over verbal ones. The motivation behind exploring a graphical pass word scheme was based on the remarkable ability of hu mans to recall pictures. In this paper, we present a novel, user-friendly, recall-based graphical password scheme, R DAS, where the user is allowed to rotate the canvas on which he draws the password. We perform an analysis that shows that rotation, as an added degree of freedom, not only increases the full graphical password space, but more importantly increases the predictable graphical pass word space corresponding to the number of components (strokes). With the visually obvious technique of rotation, R-DAS provides greater security than existing schemes built using the “Draw-A-Secret” scheme without compro mising user convenience.

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