An Improved End-to-End Secure Authentication Scheme for CDMA Networks

M. Saha, D.R. Chowdhury, and I. Sengupta (India)


cryptography, CDMA network, key establishment, authen tication protocol


Since being exposed to public scrutiny, the major algo rithms used in CDMA digital wireless standard are al ready broken. However, being a closed door algorithm, the security analysis of the CDMA authentication and key establishment protocol has not been explored in detail. In this work we have presented an analysis of the basic CDMA authentication protocol. We have pointed out some shortcomings in the existing protocol and have proposed an authentication protocol which alleviates the shortcom ings. Moreover, the existing scheme provides no security of communication between the home and visited networks. It leaves a security threat. We complement the threat by proposing a secure protocol for communication between the two. Thus, this work opens an avenue for design and analysis of authentication protocols in CDMA networks.

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