A Subcarrier, Bit, and Power Allocation Scheme for MIMO OFDM-based Multiuser Communication Systems

C.-Y. Lin and Y.-F. Chen (Taiwan)


- MIMO OFDM, adaptive modulation, Space-time code, eigen-beamformer.


- In this paper, we propose a subcarrier, bit, and power allocation algorithm for MIMO OFDM-based multiuser communication systems on downlink. We exploit a dynamic multiuser MIMO-OFDM transmit scheme with two-dimensional (2-D) coder-beamformers to the transmitter. Assuming that base stations know the channel gains of all subcarriers of all users, the proposed allocation algorithm intends to minimize the overall transmit power while satisfying required error performance under a constraint of transmission rate of each user. Simulation results are presented to demonstrate the efficacy of the proposed algorithm.

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