Performance Improvement of MC-FH-CDMA System using Multi Linear Chirp Technique

P. Moungnoul, T. Nonthaputha, and S. Junnapiya (Thailand)


MLC, MC-FH-CDMA, Collision Problem


This paper proposes multi linear chirp (MLC) technique for multicarrier frequency hopping code division multiple access (MC-FH-CDMA) system for solving the collision problem and improving the performance. The effect of frequency code collision is data error at collide position is effect to the demodulator can’t estimate the user’s data as the receiver This MLC technique can solve the collision problem and increase the performance of MC-FH-CDMA system. The performance of the proposed technique in MC-FH-CDMA are compared with the binary phase shift keying (BPSK) modulation and presented in form of bit error rate (BER) which can be carried out by simulation.

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