A Tibetan Mobile Phone based on CDMA System

N. Trashi, L.Z. Shu, Q. Nuo, P. Dun, C.Z. Yang, and Y. Tso (PRC)


Tibetan, Encoding, Decoding, Input method, Mobile Phone, BREW


Tibet has vast area and has large population who has extensive demands for a mobile phone that can be used in Tibetan. The Development of Tibetan mobile phone has great meaning to the mobile communication of Tibetan areas. For this reason we developed RW858 and RW808 Tibetan mobile phone based on CDMA system. This thesis expatiate on implementation procedure of a Tibetan mobile phone based on CDMA system and related products. On the basis of analyzing the basic structure of Tibetan characters and the specific demands of mobile phones, we design the character index technique for the Tibetan encoding, keyboard layout and fonts for Tibetan characters, method of encoding and decoding for Tibetan SMS, and developed software to implement above design. These mobile phones have complete Tibetan interface, effective Tibetan input method, and functions of sending and receiving of SMS in Tibetan.

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