Development of an AOA Location Method using Covariance Estimation

D.-H. Kim, S.-H. Lee, K.-S. Park, and T.-K. Sung (Korea)


Angle of arrival, closed form solution, weighted least square


In last decades, several linearization methods for the AOA measurements have been proposed, for example, Gauss-Newton method and closed-form solution. Gauss Newton method can achieve high accuracy, but the convergence of the iterative process is not always ensured if the initial guess is not accurate enough. Closed-form solution provides a non-iterative solution and it is less computational. It does not suffer from convergence problem, but estimation error is somewhat larger. This paper proposes a self-tuning weighted least square AOA algorithm that is a modified version of the conventional closed-form solution. In order to estimate the error covariance matrix as a weight, two-step estimation technique is used. Simulation results show that the proposed method has smaller positioning error compared to the existing methods.

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