Optimum ISI-Free DMT Systems with Arbitrary Data Rates and PSK Modulation: When does Orthonormality Suffice?

X. Song and S. Dasgupta (USA)


Multicarrier, bit loading, optimum, OFDM, DMT.


We consider the design of optimum ISI-free, discrete mul titone transmission (DMT) systems designed to achieve a quality of service (QoS) requirement quantified by bit rate and symbol error rate specifications. The optimality is in the sense of minimizing the transmitted power given the QoS specifications subject to the knowledge of the channel and colored interference at the receiver input of the DMT system. In an earlier paper we had provided conditions on the underlying modulation schemes under which orthonor mal transforms suffice for optimality, and the solution has an attractive modularity. In this paper we demonstrate that PSK satisfies these conditions..

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