Performance Analysis of Reverse Recovery Minimization Effects in DC/DC Converter using PSpice

N.Z. Yahaya, D.K.H. Yew, L.H. Wen, and A. Ng (Malaysia)


Reverse Recovery, Power Diode, PSpice


In this paper, the minimization of the reverse recovery effects in the power diode as part of the effort to reduce the power loss in the circuit will be investigated. An inductive chopper circuit using CoolMOS power switch is set up to serve as the platform for investigation. This report will present how the variations of the parameters values in the inductive load chopper circuit will affect the diode’s reverse recovery characteristics. The parameters considered are the gate drive, duty ratio, CoolMOS switching frequency and operating temperature. PSPICE device simulation model using SPW11N60C2 (600V/11A) CoolMOS and IDP09E60 (600V/9A) power diode are used to investigate the impact of each parameter on the reverse recovery effects. The switching frequency affects the total energy loss, Eloss more significantly than the factors of temperature, gate resistance and duty ratio, D among all the four factors simulated in the investigation.

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