Arrester Installations for Improving the Lightning Performance of Double Circuits Distribution Lines

T. Thanasaksiri (Thailand)


Lightning Performance, Double Circuits, Distribution Line, Arresters.


This paper presents method for improving the lightning performance of 22 kV double circuit overhead distribution lines by mean of arrester installations. For the same isokeraunic level, arresters installed on the different pole structures give the different lightning performance. To get the best lightning performance, arresters installed on every phases and every circuit at each pole should be done. To improve the lightning performance and for the economic reason, arresters installed on each circuit can be chosen. Two types of arrester installations have been investigated. The full installation, arresters installed on every phase (ABC), and the partial installation, arresters installed on any single phases (A, B or C) or any couple phases (AB, BC or CA). The full installation gives the better lightning performance when compare to the partial installation which can only improve the lightning performance to some degree. This work has been focus on arrester installations on each circuit, both for full and partial arrester installations. The arrester energy discharge has also been considered.

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