Duty-based Control of Maximum Power Point Regulation for Power Converter in Solar Fan System with Battery Storage

J.-L. Kuo, P.-J. Hong, K.-L. Chao, and T.-Y. Wang (Taiwan)


Keywords: Maximum power point, converter, impedance matching, photovoltaic system, energy saving.


This paper will propose an applicable photo-voltaic solar fan system. Software implementation and hardware circuit design will be described in detail. A different algorithm to calculate the maximum power point regulation will be illustrated. The conventional algorithm is to calculate the solar cell module output power by multiplying the input voltage and input current for the solar cell module directly. By changing the input voltage variable into duty variable, the voltage sensor is not required under the proposed scheme. Only the duty and current variables are required to calculate the maximum power. The Microchip dsPIC microcontroller is used to implement the algorithm. Experimental results will show that not only the characteristics of the solar cell module can be measured automatically, but also the maximum power point can be guaranteed by the proposed algorithm.

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