Soft Tissue Simulation in Craniofacial Surgery using Finite Element Models

U.H. Obaidellah, N. Selvanathan, M. Sankupellay, and Z.H.A. Hasan (Malaysia)


Finite element method, soft tissue simulation, surgery planning, osteotomy, biomechanics, anatomy-based modeling


The postoperative facial soft tissue prediction is an important decisive factor for the planning in facial surgery. Realistic postoperative facial shape is significant in the craniofacial surgery. The physics based model is suitable to achieve reasonable soft tissue prediction. In this paper, we describe a framework for the computerized facial surgery simulation based on the surface based finite element modeling. In consideration of various preprocessing steps, the presented finite element models which are reconstructed from CT data are composed of quadrilateral elements. The simplified constitutive models of linear elastic models are applied in addition of various parameters representing the behavior of the facial models. Our simulation is unique for the contact analysis approach in which prediction of facial appearance is achieved through contact between the tissues involved due to the repositioning of the separated bony structure.

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