A Word Predictor for Inflected Languages: System Design and User-Centric Interface

C. Aliprandi, N. Carmignani, P. Mancarella, and M. Rubino (Italy)


Interaction Design for People with Disabilities, Speech and Natural Language Interfaces, User Interface Development, Word Prediction, Alternative and Augmentative Communi cation.


We present FastType, a word prediction system for the Ital ian inflected language, and its user-centric interface. Fast Type has greatly evolved from its original features. We have added new linguistic resources, implemented more ef fecient prediction algorithms and made a brand-new user interface. Thanks to the prediction engine upgrades, like the generation of word and Part-of-Speech n-gram collec tions, and to the introduction of a linear combination al gorithm, performances are greatly improved. Keystroke Saving reached 48% and is now comparable to the one achieved with state-of-the-art methods for non-inflected languages. DonKey, the new human-computer interface, allows the user to benefit from automatic word completion in any application. FastType is primarily designed for users with special needs and to reduce misspellings for users with linguistic difficulties.

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