A Project-based-Learning (PBL) Approach for Real-World Local Government Applications

Y. Nakamura, H. Haga, S. Kaneda, and A. Inoue (Japan)


Education, PBL, Software Development, Agile Approach, Local Government.


Doshisha University and Kyoto-Prefectural Government developed two practical ICT systems by using a PBL (Project Based Learning) [1]-[4] approach without the assistance of ICT vendors. The PBL projects show that the PBL approach can provide low-cost and high citizen satisfied ICT application systems for local government. The agile software development approach in the PBL is a powerful tool for the realization of the P(Plan)-D(Do) C(Check)-A(Action) management cycle of local government. The PDCA cycle usually requires repeated revisions of the applications. However, the Japanese governmental budget system cannot accept this situation, because the repeated expenditure means that the old expenditure is not appropriate. The collaborative PBL approach between the university and Kyoto Prefectural Government solves the above problems. In the PBL, university students can acquire ICT development skills in the prototyping process and the local government can implement a prototype system without budget expenditure.

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