Children Observation Support System using Multiple Cameras COSS-MC

M. Hirano, K. Shintani, H. Nakao, S. Ohta, S. Kaneda, and H. Haga (Japan)


Streaming Video, Video Editing, Bulletin Board


In this article, a children observation support system using multiple cameras, named COSS-MC, is proposed. The purpose of COSS-MC is to observe children in kindergartens and nursery schools. COSS-MC uses multiple video recorders. Each recorder records the children’s environment from one direction. Furthermore, all cameras record motion pictures simultaneously. After recording, schoolteachers can select appropriate segments and build one streaming video for each child. COSS-MC consists of three main parts: the capturing part, which captures the motion picture and records the time and camera ID of the capturing operation; the editing part, which edits the sequences of motion pictures and builds one streaming video title; and the distribution part, which distributes the edited video stream on the Internet. We have finished developing a prototype of COSS-MC on a Linux operating system. An electronic bulletin board system (BBS) is combined with the video stream in COSS-MC.

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