Collaborative E-Learning as a Driving Force Towards Standardisation and Higher University Standards

B. Ask and H. Haugen (Norway)


E-Learning, Standards, Quality, International Projects, Academic Staff


The Bologna process and its subsequent communiqués are central in the European drives for internationalisation, collaboration and exchanges between higher educational institutions. Mutual understanding of level, credits and grades are crucial, and some key standards are now emerging through joint projects. A framework of stan dards has been introduced. Not all academics, however, do yet fully understand or adhere to the systems that their Ministers have subscribed to. The standards are never theless important steps towards the European Higher Education Area, EHEA. Acceptance of a Quality Assurance System is central issue. Several attempts are made to create a basis for joint degrees and study programmes, and for the exchange of courses, but level of quality is hard to agree on. Principles and models from European projects have now been adopted and modified to suit the needs of the Global Virtual University, a branch of the United Nations University. This may imply that European standards can be accepted world wide.

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