An Innovative Training System by Digital Terrestrial Television: TSC-Learning

M. Recchioni, N. Casalino, V. Castello, and M. Roscani (Italy)


TLearning, Learning Management System (LMS), DVB T, Digital Divide, IDTV, two ways Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT).


The term digital video broadcasting (DVB) is today used as a synonym for digital television in many countries. Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) is an implementation of digital technology to provide a greater number of channels, a better quality of picture and sound through a conventional antenna instead of a satellite dish or cable connection. Digital television isn’t just an innovative signal representation; it represents a new multiple-channel data broadcasting that affect not only the technology side but also the content itself. Within this framework, the T Learning (Television-Learning) has reached a considerable importance in the last years and is emerging as a potentially important media to create opportunities for learning at home. The main aim of the paper is to describe a system to provide the use of a Learning Management System (LMS) on digital-terrestrial platform, respecting the reference standards (SCORM, IMS, AICC, LOM, etc.). This innovative system allows users to get learning services at home, using a LMS that has to meet a number of requirements, including the integration of a multiplicity of contents.

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