Adapting an Open-Source Web-based Assessment System for the Automated Assessment of Programming Problems

O. Gotel and C. Scharff (USA)


Computer Science Education, Reusable Learning Objects, Teaching Programming Fundamentals, Testing and Assessment, Webbased Education, WeBWorK.


This paper describes the adaptation of an open-source web-based assessment system to support the teaching and assessment of programming fundamentals. WeBWorK is a system that has been used effectively in mathematics for a number of years and the nature of its underlying engine makes it particularly well-suited to the problems from this discipline. It is accessible for instructors to contribute problems and free for students to use. A community has built up around WeBWorK to share problem sets in mathematics. Within computer science, many of the web based programming delivery and assessment systems are commercial initiatives; students pay to use them and problem sets are administered centrally. This paper describes a project that is adapting WeBWorK for use in computer science and presents initial findings from its use over one academic year. Our on-going and future work is summarized, and the broader potential highlighted.

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