A European Project “Virtual Performance Centred Environment for Training in Nanoelectronics"

S. Tzanova (Bulgaria), P. Morey-Chaisemartin, C. Schaeffer (France), and M. Tzanov (Bulgaria)


Nanoelectronics, performancesupport system, virtual environment


In this paper an international project on development of a Web-based performance support system with educational elements in nanoelectronics is presented. It is a two-year project within the European program Leonardo da Vinci and the partners are from small and medium enterprises in microand nanoelectronics, training organizations, universities and social partners from four European countries – France, Bulgaria, the Netherlands and Germany. The project is aimed at implementation of innovative approaches for performance–centred learning and development of new instruments in instructional design of task-performance-centred courses for education in nanoelectronics.

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