Design of Networks for Real-Time Tele-Education

G. Graschew, T.A. Roelofs, S. Rakowsky, and P.M. Schlag (Germany)


Elearning and distancetraining, realtime teleeducation, medical elearning, virtual medical university, interactivity, telepresence


The rapid development of information and communication technologies has enabled the creation of networks for e-learning and telemedicine. The EMISPHER network has been dedicated to bridge the digital divide in the Euro-Mediterranean healthcare area. In the project an integrated Internet-Satellite platform has been set up on which a Virtual Medical University has been realized, thus establishing a permanent medical and scientific link, Real-Time Telemedicine applications for remote expertise and second opinion, as well as the fostering of cross-Mediterranean cooperation at expert level. Using the real-time communication capabilities of EMISPHER for tele-education it will be possible to learn from live participation in the “point of action” with the possibility of interaction.

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