Streaming Technology as an Enabler of Top Quality Web-based Education

A. Uskov and V. Uskov (USA)


Web-based education, streaming technology, InterLabs system, learning content, quality.


Various types of recent research projects and surveys confirm a tremendous growth of streaming multimedia technology utilization worldwide due to its great potential for the top quality Web-based education (WBE) and Web based training (WBT). Broadband Internet with 150 - 1,000 Kbps bandwidth serves as an ideal channel to deliver rich multimedia learning content using streaming technology. This paper describes the results of 5-year long design, development, and pilot utilization of the InterLabs Web lecturing system (InterLabs). The results, outcomes and findings of this research, design and development project clearly show that streaming technology will be in great demand in Web-based education in upcoming 5 years.

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