Model-based Design of an Embedded Vision Application: A Field Report

J. Kogler, H. Hemetsberger, W. Kubinger, and S. Borbély (Austria)


Computer Vision, Embedded Systems, Robotics, Model based Design


This paper contains a field report on using model-based design techniques for developing embedded vision appli cations. A lane border detection algorithm was chosen as target application for testing the design approach. The al gorithm detects the lane borders, which marks the driv able area in front of a vehicle. It is an algorithm for an autonomous vehicle which participated in the Defense Ad vanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Grand Chal lenge 2005. The algorithm was processed on an embedded stereo vision system which was mounted on that vehicle. This paper describes the assembly of the vehicle, the prin ciples of model-based design, the development of the lane border detection algorithm and its functional behavior. Fur thermore, it presents evaluation results and our experiences with this design approach.

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