Restoration of Arbitrarily Warped Document Images Based on Text Line and Word Detection

B. Gatos and K. Ntirogiannis (Greece)


Document image dewarping, document image restoration, degraded document images, document pre-processing, text line detection, document image analysis


This paper presents a novel technique for efficient restoration of arbitrarily warped document images. Our aim is to recover document images that are mainly bounded volumes captured by a digital camera and suffer from non-linear warp. The proposed technique is applied on gray scale document images and is based on several distinct steps: an adaptive document image binarization, a text line and word detection, a first draft binary image dewarping based on word rotation and shifting and, finally, a complete restoration of the original grayscale warped image guided by the binary dewarping result. In this paper, we present a detailed description of the proposed technique as well as the implementation results for each step of our methodology. The experimental results on several arbitrarily warped documents indicate the effectiveness of the proposed technique.

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