Discretising and Filtering with the S-Transform and Its Inverses

C. Simon, S. Ventosa, J.J. Dañobeitia, M. Schimmel, and A. Mànuel (Spain)


S-transform, Inverse S-transforms, Time-Frequency Local ization, Local Spectra, Time-Frequency Analysis.


The S-transform is a powerful tool for non stationary sig nals which allows the visualisation of local spectra. In this communication, we modify the definition of an inverse of the S-transform to make it exact. Then, we study the in fluence of discretising the S-transform and its inverses. Fi nally, one of the main interests of the S-transform is the possibility to filter in frequency and time at the same time. We show the different side effects generated by the two ex isting inverse S-transforms when filtering.

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